Longing to be a writer? It should be not about for money or glory that’s why you should become a writer, not even for any reason unless you have the guts and passion that is so strong that nothing can ever stop you from writing and, having stories in your heart and mind that you must and have to tell, and writing them is as important as everything that you do in your daily life… and sometimes more important.

I assume you have passion with that out of the way. So, what are the things that you should be doing in this life just to pave your way to the writing industry? These are the four main ingredients in preparing yourself to write, Read, Observe, Write, Live.

1. Get your hands on in everything you read.

Classic literature, literary fiction, commercial fiction are the books you should read. And also read books on the craft on the writing, books on writers, dictionaries. It may seem funny but you should try and read cereal boxes.

2. Observe.

If there is one attribute a writer must have (other than his passion to write), it is the ability to notice details. What is it about the way a woman walks that captures your attention? Is it her clothes? Her figure? Her wiggle? What words could you use to describe the preacher’s snorts between shouts? What do his eyes look like when he says “Hell”? What keeps his hair from falling into his eyes (or onto the floor)?

You should be thinking of more unique ways to describe the old things you just take for granted.  For examples are the sounds you hear, smells, the colors, the textures, and look at your surroundings as though you’re showing them to someone who’s never been to your place.

3. Keep a journal or a notebook with you at all times.

You could jot down some new thoughts, fresh ideas and amazing details as you think of them. Write something every day. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a dozen words or a dozen pages, whats important is you have learned and written something for the day.

4. Live.

Can you write about New York City if you’ve never been there? Probably —if you’ve seen enough movies and read enough descriptions, you could write with integrity about a city you’ve never seen. However, you would not be able to add new insight. As a writer, visit as many places as you possibly can, but also consider actually living in as many different types of places as you can. Yes, you can get superficial impressions of cultures during a seven-day vacation, but to truly understand a culture, you need to experience it more deeply. The places you go will leave an imprint on you and on your writing.

Experience as many aspects of life as you can. Can you really understand the pain of heartbreak if you’ve never been loved and left? Can you understand the intensity of a mother’s (or father’s) love if you’ve never experienced it? Can you understand the thrill of surviving the bunny slope on downhill skis if you’ve never put your life at stake?

Writing is not as mind-blowing as you think, you just have to think about more unique ways of telling your thoughts and ideas and fortunately, everybody can understand what you’re talking about. Just follow these pieces of advice and surely you would have a great success.