Are you in the process of buying gifts for your writer friends? If so, we have summed up some of the best gifts that your pen and paper loving friends will surely appreciate. Yes, you need not be strolling downtown to buy the perfect gift, simply go over our list and you’ll surely be able to make up your mind!

1. Novel

A writer is surely a good reader so giving a novel is something that will be appreciated for sure! A novel will also inspire your friend to start on a project of creating his or her own novel.  Just pick a book that your friend will appreciate. Is she into science fiction? Does she like reading romantic stories? Whatever it is that makes your friend tickle, you will be able to find a novel that will suit her. Otherwise, you can consider Ready Set Novel. Check a review here from The Writer Life:

Is your writer ready to move past prompts and start working on their first novel? Give them a copy of Ready Set Novel, written by the people who helped bring us NaNoWriMo.

This book is designed to help writers through the plotting and outlining stage of novel-writing, so your recipient will have the best foundation possible before they write their first chapter.

2. A writing tool

Although most of the works these days are done using a keyboard, your friend will also appreciate if you can give her some beautiful writing pad and pen as a gift. A Moleskine notebook will make a great choice. You can never go wrong if you give this as a gift since your friend might not be in front of her PC all the time, and so when creativity strikes, she can instantly grab the notebook and start scribbling her thoughts.

3. Aqua notes

What if creativity strikes her in the shower? If this is the case then the aqua notes will make a big help. There are times when writers’ creativity is at its peak when they are taking a bath but since one cannot bring her pen and paper inside the bathroom or less, their computers, most writers would simply forget the great idea that came to their mind. Now, all these can be prevented with the use of the aqua notes, which is a type of waterproof notepad.

4. An app

How about writing when driving? Yes, this can now be done with an app that will record what your friend dictates. There is an app right now that is called Dragon Dictation.

Here’s more about the app from Elissafield:

Dragon Dictation smartphone app.  Love this one.  You download the app onto your phone.  When an idea hits you, click the app, then it records whatever ideas you dictate.  When done, it processes your words to text which it will then email to you.  It jumbles some words but is enough to get the idea down while leaving your hands free for safe driving. It’s saved me many times. 

Cost & where to buy: The app is FREE, downloaded via iTunes or other app stores (within the phone).

5. Some comfortable pants

Who can write with her full makeup on? Most writers actually work from their couch with nice comfortable pants and a good sip of their favorite coffee. So make sure that your writer friend is wearing nice comfy pants in the event that creativity strikes here.