Supercharge Your PLR Membership Site

If you have a membership site you need a...

Killer Feature That Makes Upgrading To Your Premium Memberships a No Brainer

I know you are always looking for great products to add to your site. Not just to bring in new members but to keep your current members happy too.

Do you just offer more ebooks and more products to get people to upgrade? You likely do and so does your competition...

You Need a Powerful Reason For Them To Give You More Money

What if you could offer your members and site visitors help on branding the products they get?

Most of your members likely are busy or are not very technical to mess with design software. What if you could give them a way to design their own ecover with the flick of the wrist?

Imagine how useful it would be for those creating their own products to be offered a way to dress it up nice and easy.

What I am offering you is remote hosted ecover creation software, the very same software this site is using. You can just set it and forget it. I keep it running smoothly and updated with new features.

As you can see this would be very attractive to internet marketers creating products. You not only give them great PLR; you also help them complete it with a customized cover.

You could easily see an increase of upgraded memberships by 40-50% by showcasing this great tool.

Features you care about:

  • - Great incentive for more upgrades
  • - You do not set up script or software
  • - You do not need a dedicated server
  • - Totally hands free so you can focus on other things
  • - Reason for current members to upgrade (makes a great email announcement to lower level members)
  • - Your competition is not offering it making your membership stand out

If you are interested in setting up this tool on your site and want to take the next step, please contact us

Note: This is a limited offer. we can only accept limited number of sites to keep the service running at optimal level. Once we reach our capacity, we will stop accepting new sites.

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