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I wanted to thank myecovermaker.com for make a great product. I use myecovermaker.com more than I use Photoshop to make all my online graphics. myecovermaker.com makes it easy for me to create amazing looking graphics without having to be a expert in photo editing software.
I recommend this software to all my student. Thank you myecovermaker.com -- G Allan Roberts - IM Masterminds

I am contacting you because I wanted to tell you my thoughts about MyEcoverMaker. I am extremely impressed with this website and it has helped me create some nice banners/ebook covers. $14.95 is more than worth the value that this website provides. I wish I could emphasize how happy I am to use this product. Thank you so much! I will highly recommend this website to anyone that I can. -- James Thurn

Just wanted to tell you that I have been playing with My eCover for the past couple of hours and I think it is amazing !! So simple to use and I love the results. The packager option is a great addition too J. Thanks so much and congratulations on such a fabulous idea. -- Wendy Flack / CoupleIT.com.au

- OMG. I thank God that you have created this website.Very impressive. This site removed a lot of wasted time I might have went through. Don't you guys ever think about shutting this down. Its great when people share their gifts with the world to help others add more value to their life. Thank you so much. -- Sherry Quadril

I have to agree with the guy who said, "Holy Sh%t". I absolutely LOVE this site. I can even make brochures and fliers by just choosing 2 dimensional downloads instead of 3. This site makes me feel like a professional. In fact, I'm doing a better job designing my own eCovers than the professionals I hired. LOVE IT!. -- Catherine Revell
Amazon Kindle Author

I love this program! As a start-up entrepreneur, having the ability to quickly, easily, and CHEAPLY create my own product and ebook shots really helps increase the overall value of my products while keeping my costs low :) Thanks myecovermaker! -- Kelsey Ale

It's working very well and I feel amazing to have this software. Its worth every penny. The amount of covers that can be done in a fast time is amazing. And not having to wait on a designer to take a week or pay that designer price is a true gift. -- Anthony Watts

I just thought it would be nice to say thank you for such a superb simple product, I realise companies have to make money to stay online but having a paid and a free element will certainly create loyalty, it will be a pleasure to add you to my blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. -- David

Thank you for your wonderful program. I am not very technical, but I am making great e-book covers. You have made my life easier and I appreciate you! -- Pat Downing

I have been struggling hard to make an ebook cover for my ebook before coming across your website. After visiting your website, I made three ebook covers and they have come up like professional work. The images and text are great. Thank you so much. My dream of writing more ebooks is made easier by this website. -- Gayleg Zangmo

A couple of months ago I paid a designer $40 to make one ecover for my book, and I was very happy with it.

Today though for the first time I tried your software and made two ecovers for only $3.95 each. I love how they turned out. I am absolutely technically and artistically challenged, but your software is so easy to use. I am very happy with the finished results and definately will be a return user.

I saved $70 making them with your software. Thank you, I can't wait to launch my new ebook next week now!

-- Nicola - www.unique-wedding-dresses.com

Been using for a couple of days. Really.. congratulations on a super brilliant product at an amazing price. You have already saved me a couple of hundred bucks in design fees. Tim -- Tim Godfrey

This is an incredibly good service. I designed a dozen great ecovers in two hours. I saved time and money. Thank you also for the great, easy to follow cancellation instructions. I'll be back. -- Richard Peeler / shaktipat-guided-meditation.com

Just wanted to thank you for making such a useful program available for free - I'm just starting out and don't have the capital I ought to have so this is a big help.

I've used GIMP and Photoshop for years and am pretty good at image maniuplation. I was planning on doing my covers by hand, but I doubt I could do as good a job manually. And to even come close would take several hours per cover instead of several minutes with this package. You've not only saved me cash but you've also saved me a lot of time... while giving me a better product!

Hope to buy into the extended options soon, -- Tim

Hi Guys, Just found you and just made my first book cover. And I'm in love!!!!! It's so easy to use, and with lovely backgrounds and effects. Why waste time with Photoshop when you can be creative with this!!! I now want to make LOADS of stuff... so I think I'll *have* up upgrade. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!
All the best, -- Jane / www.words4theweb.co.uk

This is an amazing product! I used an expensive photoshop plugin some years ago. I had to figure out photoshop and then figure out how to use the plugins! No fun. In 5 minutes I had created a stunning test cover. Wow, never used a demo that gave such great results. I've bookmarked you and will be purchasing a subscription.
All the best, -- Amy McKnight

Just wanted to say you have an awesome product! I didn't want to purchase pricey ecover software and I didn't want to belong to a costly monthly membership. I just wanted a one time shot. MyEcoverMaker met and exceeded my needs and expectations. It was cheap at $3.95 per cover and the end product was outstanding! I will definitely be using MyEcoverMaker for future projects. Thank you for offering a product that has reasonable pricing options and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. -- Kimberly Albert. / www.KimGetsItSold.com

Hi I am so impressed with your company. It took me so long of googling to find what I needed, a user friendly with wonderful FREE options, but your company went beyond expected and are unbelievable!!! You guys are a top notch company and I have told and shown anyone who will listen how GREAT YOUR PRODUCT IS. My 8yr daughter can make a cover in minutes! Again thanks and all the best to you! -- Emma Grace. / www.gracehomestaging.com

Simply badass. Prior to MyeCoverMaker.com, creating an eCover was a real hassle. This site has revolutionized eCover design and made eCover design completely accessible to non-Photoshop users like myself. And the monthly price is so modest that even just 1 eCover design more than justifies the price. Many thanks for such a fine service! -- Mark M. Bravura. / www.PublicDomainDetective.com

I have used your service a number of times. It is easy to use and the results are effective and professional. I wanted to drop you a line to say Thank you! --Donna / LinkedIn-Makeover.com

Holy sh%t...what a great product! Please pardon the raw emotion but I'm seldom this impressed with anything. I created my first CD e-cover within 7 minutes of signing up and I'm thoroughly satisfied. The interface is so intuitive it's practically no brain required. I have no eye for design, but your templates, graphics, clipart, and fonts make it look like I hired a professional graphic designer. You've truly got something great here.Everett. / www.digitalsapien.com

After trying for days how to figure out how to create a worthy cover for my new eBooks, I found MeCoverMaker. Within about 15 minutes I learned the process and created 2 showpiece covers I am proud to present my eBooks in. Later editing is free as are redownloads, and I got immediate live chat support for my questions. Save yourself a bundle of wasted money and hours of frustration and use MyeCoverMaker's excellent service. Highly affordable and highly recommended! A+ Carolyn Blake. / meetcarolynblake.com

I subscribed to your services nearly a month ago and I just want to say I find your service to be excellent and easy to use. Although I have canceled my subscription, it does not mean I am not going to use your service again in future - it's merely the fact that I had a once-off need which was fulfilled. At least I now know about your service and I will recommend your service with an open mind to others.Maartin

Thank you very much for your free service! It saved me from playing around with some software. Your service was really simple I enjoyed the creation of a ecover. Thank you again, a lot of power for your project wishes you.Marc

This is the best Service I had ever used. Now is so easy to create ecovers for my spanish Marketing products. Best Price! and the best Platform!.Yasel Polo / www.gananciasenlared.com