Writing is a piece of art. Like other arts, we use it to express our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Therefore no one can judge on how you do it. But if you want some improvements, make your writings better than before, and you also want others to appreciate your work. You are in a right page and here we are providing you with some useful tips that can help you improve it.

1. Reading

Reading and writing are twins. They were born in a period where humans begin developing a civilization. Writing will never exist if reading was not there. So if you want to improve your writing, you should better know reading first. Reading is much simpler than writing in so many ways. Being a good reader is the first step to improve your writing. Read as much book as you can. You may also try reading blogs. These things will help you improve your writing.

2. Refresh your mind first

It is difficult to do a task when your mind is fully loaded. Freeing your mind from stressful thoughts before beginning to write is a good practice

3. Pick a Topic

Every writing starts with a single topic and it just expands in its very own way. You can write about what you do, things you hear or see, news, or make up a story.

4. Accept that first draft is almost always crap

The first draft is almost always crap, and that’s okay. Because a masterpiece will never be created on a first attempt. Just write down all the idea on paper first, then start cleaning up.

5. Write more than one draft

Just like reading, you will improve when you write repeatedly. Sometimes, your best writing comes out when you revise your multiple drafts and you may be able to get your message clearly

6. Find the best place to write

The environment also affects us when we are thinking. It is easier to write in a peaceful environment. Maybe you have trouble writing where there is a lot of noise; try writing in a quiet and comfortable place.

7. Don’t be afraid to say what you think

Remember that writing is an art. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts. Obviously, you don’t want to fall afoul of libel laws, but that doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t) say what you think.

8. Let your friend be the first reader

A friend is a great person to share about something you write. They can help you improve your writing by providing another idea and it is much easier to take a correction from a friend when there is something wrong with your writing.

9. Take some feedback

Other people’s opinion is a great source of an idea. Hence, don’t bother to take some feedback whether it’s negative or positive. You can improve your writing by pointing out what the readers like and dislike and through their feedback.

10. Have enough rest

You brain surely needs some rest after a hard work in order to function very well in its next job. Always have enough hours of sleep every day and stop working or writing if you feel so tired. You may take some relaxing after a stressful work before getting back.